31 March 2012


Elliott's dream came true with a "friend" Birthday Party

30 March 2012

29 March 2012


That George Herman Ruth hit a home run with this one.

28 March 2012


The day Elliott has been waiting for has finally arrived.

27 March 2012


There are mornings I wish I didn't have to stumble for these....

26 March 2012


Living the width of life with dear friends and Needtobreathe.

25 March 2012


Now this is church!  Two are better than one.
Just as we need breath, we need community to
share it with.

24 March 2012


Whipping wind, freezing feet, silent {soul cleansing}laughter and Jesus
made me thankful for each breath and the women I was blessed to
share them with.

23 March 2012


Little did I know that the breath would have such great meaning,
and that even more amazing is the "in between".

22 March 2012


In the midst of reading their comic book, the boys
took a break to practice scratching their ears with their feet.

21 March 2012


It was a legitimate win for Gibson in our first Phase 10 face off.

20 March 2012


I have no idea what is happening over here....
Either I am losing my mind or taking chances like I've never taken before.

19 March 2012


Could it be that it is warm enough to sleep uncovered in just a pair of
shorts in the middle of March?
Yes! We Michiganders are making weather history.

18 March 2012


Oh, Pinterest, the things you dare me to try.
Red velvet cake in a jar?
Yes, it was too good to be true.

17 March 2012


Sidelined with an injury, I cheered my girls on in the jig.
In some small way, I am thankful for my injury as it gave me a
new perspective and true joy for my soul sister as she smashed her
personal record!

16 March 2012


Happy Birthday K3! We love you, your heart and your vast knowledge
of the cleanse!

15 March 2012


This broken humming bird was hanging in our first home.
As a reminder of where we've been we
had to take her with us to our new home.
Just recently, we have begun to notice beauty within
her brokeness and she is a subtle reminder
that God uses all that is broken.

14 March 2012


What do you get when you cross a little people girl with a dolphin?
Although a mermaid was 2/3 of our immediate answer...
Daddy needed a few more clues.

13 March 2012


Yep. True story. Boys watching ESPN, one standing
in the T.V. watching position.

12 March 2012


You know you're living the life when you get to play tennis
with the neighbor girls in the middle of the road!

11 March 2012


Day 4 of our 10 day cleanse and we are drooling over
the pizza on the boy's plates!

10 March 2012


You know it's March Madness when you get to have a picnic lunch
on the living room floor!  Go State!

09 March 2012


Just your typical Friday morning, hanging out in
the lazy susan.

08 March 2012


I thought it was amazing that Katie was collecting beads for
women in Guatemala, and even more amazing that we got
to "meet" these incredible women.

07 March 2012


I came home from running an errand to find the boys
piling their toys on Steve and whispering,
Shhhh, Daddy's sleeping.

06 March 2012


One from the weekend that was too good to pass up.

05 March 2012


Cross #23 off the list, the first one at least....

04 March 2012


Eight years ago, almost to the day, Steve and I took our picture
in this same spot as we celbrated our 1 year anniversary.
Now, almost nine years after the day we were married
we are in awe of what our story has become.

03 March 2012


The slopes may be closed, but that won't stop us from having some fun.

02 March 2012


Our weekend away began with no power,
 but a wood stove and some wine made us forget all about it.

01 March 2012


A sneak peek of what's to come.