30 April 2009

april 30, 2009

this is what happens when mommy and daddy ignore what the boys are
doing in attempt to have a conversation at the dinner table.

29 April 2009

april 29, 2009

reading bedtime books in elliott's crib.

28 April 2009

april 28, 2009

photo booth fun...four chances to make the funniest faces.

27 April 2009

april 27, 2009

the best way to start the day, is with a ride in daddy's truck.

26 April 2009

april 26, 2009

when the sidewalks are all wet...find a tree stump...

25 April 2009

april 25, 2009

spending saturday in our new rockstar shoes...
does life get much better than this?

24 April 2009

april 24, 2009

the boys spent the first warm day of spring playing in the dirt, but
took a break to pose with the first tulips to blossom.